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The Internet is the largest source of information ever conceived by man. Millions of people use it daily to find information on products and services. It is the ultimate vehicle for advertising.

Even though there are millions of Internet users and web surfers there are also millions of web sites, enough that your site could be easily overlooked.

There is more to internet advertising than making a fancy page. You need to work up an effective internet strategy. Some aspects of such a strategy are:

  • Web Site Design. The site should have several pages nicely linked. The pages should:
    • Exhibit your products or services in an attractive and informative way.
    • Provide interesting or useful information as bait to get browsers and surfers to visit your site.
    • Contain keywords to make sure that the various internet search engines will bring the right surfers to your site.
    • Provide easy ways for your prospective clients to reach you and/or order your products.
  • Place your URL (the address of your site) in the appropriate indexes and lists.
  • Setup email communications with your clients and customers.
  • Place advertisements in the appropriate newsgroups, list servers, and BBS's.
  • Search newsgroups, listservers, new sites etc for chances to promote your business or make contact with possible clients or talent.
  • Research and monitor the activities of your markets and competition through various online news and information services.

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